Who We Are, Minneapolis - Steeple People Thrift Store

Who We Are: The People Behind SPTS

People are by far the biggest asset to Steeple People. We have many volunteers, staff, a Board Of Directors, and, of course, you, the customer. Everyone that graces our store with their presence brings, and leaves, a piece of their personality and experience here.

Our volunteers make up the largest part of our resources. In fact, the store was actually founded by volunteers in 1979. This also includes our B.O.D. All of these people are largely responsible for our being able to keep doing what we do. For that, we are forever grateful.

Our staff consists of five paid employees. One is full-time and the rest are part-time. We have a manager, an assistant manager who doubles as our furniture specialist, a clothing guru, the Saturday manager who also takes care of many custodial duties, and another furniture helper. This staff is committed to the cause, and works diligently to give our customers the best deal possible, ever remembering our mission statement.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have our wonderful customers. Many of whom we consider “regulars”. SPTS really strives to not only be a place to shop, but an experience on the whole, and the people that come in really make it an experience to remember every day. Some people come in looking for certain items, others come in to just peruse and see what they find. Still others come just to say hello and if they find something they want...BONUS! You never know who may come through the door today. Maybe you?