What We Do, Minneapolis - Steeple People Thrift Store

What We Do

The main goal behind what Steeple People does is writing grants to other charitable organizations that we believe are having a positive impact on and benefitting the community. Quite simply, we take in donations from the public, sell every article we possibly can, pay any overhead (wages, bills, etc.), and repeat the cycle as expediently as we can. This enables us to give more grants at the beginning of the next year.

Of course, there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, and this is where communication and a common goal come into play. Volunteers, staff, and customers all perform integral roles. This is a community project, and the community gives—and benefits as a result of this relationship. It is a symbiosis of recycling, re-using, and recirculation that is an amazing feat of community spirit! We very often end up getting an item back after a happy customer buys something, uses it for a while, then donates it again so it can live on in another capacity for someone else.

Also, by partnering with as many other community-oriented non-profits as we can in the area, we are creating a large network of support and services for people from all walks of life. If we don't have the ability to give support to a person or situation directly, we probably do know who can, and will gladly pass that information on. We are all helping each other help each other.