Schedule a Pickup, Minneapolis - Steeple People Thrift Store

Schedule a Pickup

If you are interested in donating large furniture items, please call the store at 612-871-8305 during regular store hours, and we will be happy to schedule a pickup. We generally do not go further than a 10-mile radius of the store, so reference Google maps with your address and see just how far it is.

When we schedule appointment times, we pride ourselves on making that appointment. People can usually expect us a little early rather than late, and on any rare occurrence where we may be late, we will call and inform you before the scheduled time.

We send out two professional movers, and our van. Also, this is a full service. We will come into the home, apartment, storage shed, whatever it is and take the item(s) out, making it as painless as possible on you. It is extremely seldom that something is beyond our capacity to remove; however, we will not sacrifice safety of body or property if it is. Being professional means we know when we are in over our heads, however unlikely.