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How To Donate Items

Donate to your community!

When you donate quality used clothing and household goods to Steeple People Thrift Store, your contribution makes our community a better place! The goods you donate get a second life with your neighbors. And our profits directly benefit your community as grants to local charitable organizations.

SPTS accepts donations of just about anything you can imagine, so it is probably easier to give you a list of what we do not accept. These items are listed in the sidebar.

You may bring donations in to the store during regular business hours, and we will also provide you with a donation receipt if you need it for tax purposes.

Sorry, there are no donations accepted before or after normal business hours, nor is there an after-hour donation drop spot. If you have a considerable amount of donations, we ask that you please not wait until near closing time to bring them in. Also, if you call ahead, or run in when you arrive, we can do our best to be sure that we can get someone to help bring donations in.

If you have large furniture items you would like to donate, we do offer a pick up option. There is a $30 base dispatch fee, and if it is an unusually difficult pick up, it may cost a little extra. This is usually not the case, however. The service is offered as a full service solution. We send two professional movers, and our van. They will come into the home and remove the items in the most expedient, professional, safe manner possible.